Time and Speed

For a quick and sobering overview of global circumstances take a look.  These sorts of snapshots are simply crushing, at least they can be for me.  They are often evoked to create a sense of urgency.  Predictions about increased severity are brought to the present so that increased leverage can be applied for ill or good.  One thought has come to me.  The thought is that perhaps urgency is precisely the wrong response.  We often characterize this age, or the modern age in general, as lavish, excessive, decadent.  But it is not.  Our age could perhaps be more appropriately defined as being fiercely restrictive.  And no where is this more clearly seen in how time is viewed.  Nearly every aspect of our culture is bound to the desire for speed.  I would argue (off the top of my head . . . and would be happy to be proven wrong) that a vast majority of the factors that have led to our global situation are directly or indirectly connected to our inability to be lavish and excessive with time.  Increased speed fuels the illusion of omnipotence.  Speed secures us, keeping us ahead of disaster (that is keeping us ahead of the less speedy).  Speed is killing.  Greater urgency will likely only fall prey to the beast of speed.  I offer tentatively that an expansive view of time in my practices may be the most effective response.  This is a fearful and cautious position open to revision.


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