Jesus was sinful

Can we not interpret the baptism of Jesus as a necessary act of repentance from the power inherent to his share in positions of structural authority (male, healthy, intelligent, etc.).  It is by those powers individuals are able to move and shift along with culture as it continues to position itself in safety and security (by the exclusion and exploitation of others).  Was this not a sin that needed repenting of so that he would live only as a child of God, grounded in an identity of love and acceptance so that he could live as such with his neighbour?  Isn’t true repentance (of sin) the greatest testimony of his sinlessness?  Just asking.


2 thoughts on “Jesus was sinful

  1. This is an interesting idea, but isn’t the possibility of living ‘only’ as a child of God impossible? Isn’t there always some negative influence from society on humans, no matter how good they are? I think it’s possible for people to have their identity primarily in relation to God as mediated through prayer, religious practices and other people within their religious community, but not only.
    I notice we’ve been thinking along similar lines!


  2. Thanks for stopping in. This was a sort of off the cuff thought and the ‘only’ should be read in a Yoderian sense of living independently of the powers, so it was in those terms that I read the baptism as a true repentance of sin from which he lived (of course his prior life is speculative in any case). I have to admit that I skimmed some of your post but I look forward to follow-up thoughts.


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