Visions of spring III

So Vision of spring I was a sort of depressing joke.  Signs of spring was a bit of a reminder and wake-up.  Visions of spring III is shaping up to be a lousy series.  It started when I pulled in to my back lane to find an SUV that I’m pretty sure was in better shape the day before.


I did not notice the pink Hanna Montana skateboard in the foreground as I nervously snapped this.  ‘Fuck IP’ on the side is in reference to Indian Posse, one of the most prominent street gangs in Winnipeg.  Just a few houses down from this scene I saw a young girl (around 7 maybe) standing alone.  I got out in front of my garage and asked where her mom was (stupid question?).  She pointed in one direction when I talked about ‘home’ and the opposite direction when she talked about where she should be going.  I tried to tell her I would walk with her to get wherever she should be but I could never get any definite direction out of her.  I was going to invite her in but I did not know if that was a good idea (implicating myself in . . . what?).  I ended up calling the police non-emergency line (probably a bad choice . . . I don’t know) and then when I went back out she was gone.  The reality is that if she would have been wondering around on street or sidewalk I probably would not have thought anything of it.  The scene unnerved me as it came a day after a conversation I had regarding the statistics on women being sexually assaulted as children.

So, fine, some pretty shitty scenes.  Then I needed to go pick up my son and as I drive down to other end of the back I alley I come across this,


Yes that’s right . . . its a house . . . on fire.


So on my way back I thought I would tour by and get a closer look.  The police however had the back lane closed off so as I turned down another street I got a glimpse of two teens getting the shakedown.

i wasn't me

I don’t know.  I don’t have much to add at this point.  All this comes as I have been thinking of the drastically different lives people would live if one or maybe two crucial resources were removed (financial security, family stability, mental and physical health, etc.).  This neighbourhood is a gathering (confining, corralling, funneling, ?) of such individuals.


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