For the Barthians and Anabaptists

If you cannot endure contemporaneousness [with Christ], cannot endure the sight in reality, if you are unable to go out in the street and perceive that it is God in this horrible procession, and that this was the case for you to fall down and worship Him – then you are not essentially a Christian.  What you have to do then is unconditionally to admit this to yourself, so that above all you may preserve humility and fear and trembling with relation to what it means in truth to be a Christian.  For that is the way you must take to learn and to get training in fleeing to grace in such a way that you do not take it in vain.
– Kierkegaard, Training in Christianity

A lot of Barth and Bonhoeffer there, seems to me anyway.  And for the Anabaptists,

Christ’s life here upon earth is the paradigm.
– Kierkegaard, Training in Christianity

Though the interesting question here would be whether Kierkegaard’s critique of historical knowledge of Jesus would hold against Anabaptist appropriations.


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