2011 on into 2012

In 2011 I . . .

1. Got ordained.

2. Finished Kierkegaard’s published works.

3. Got an e-reader and returned to the world of fiction (Infinite Jest was much easier to tote around in this form).

4. Did a good number of reviews.

5. Found continual frustration in trying to develop a more sustained piece of theology for publication.

6. Perhaps most confusingly seem to have become a sports fan.

2011 was also my first full year blogging at the de-scribe.  I literally felt like I reached a certain ‘crisis point’ at my old site in that my basic theological orientation had made enough of shift that I could no longer look out the same way through the framework that had been developed there.  The move to this new site reflects my desire to engage the world both more plainly and more rigorously; to begin with a certain subjective honesty (yes, I’ll let that phrase stand) and then work through some of the implications or holes.

While I would enjoy more traffic and engagement here I have no real plan to publicize the site.  It seems the only way for this to remain valuable for myself is to continue to post as though no one was reading . . . but many thanks to the small tribe who does!

As for 2012

Incidentally 2012 will mark my tenth year engaging on the internet.  I created an online forum after graduating from college in 2002 and have truly valued the opportunity this medium afforded since that time.  It has been or at least become the most formative educational space in my life (ummmm, yah).  This of course has been frustrating on one level because many others have had the opportunity to continue their formation in the furnace of a direct academic community; and so I am left taking some comfort that there remains enough folks within those communities willing to share of their time and thoughts.  The most formative spaces online for myself in the past year have been An und für sich and The Last Psychiatrist (with appreciative nods going to On Journeying with those in Exile, Veeritions, and Bifurcated Life).

With the goal setting of my Kierkegaard reading last year I was able to carve out a new discipline of reading outside of my regular responsibilities in work and life.  So I have decided to outline a new reading list.  The drawback of this one is that it became large and sprawling and so I could not reasonably set a clear end date for accomplishing it.  That being said I hope it will continue to focus and energize my reading.  In any event here is my own version of a Great Books course (see tab at top of page).  The hope in this is to give attention to all those used books I picked up over the years thinking them necessary for my personal library.  Many of these readings will not in any way be close readings but chances to familiarize myself with influential styles and content.  I will not follow the list chronologically and so the first concentration will be on phenomenology (Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and Marion) with second concentration likely being some Freudian trajectory.

All the best to your own new year’s endeavors.


3 thoughts on “2011 on into 2012

  1. Hey, thanks for the appreciative nod. I appreciate you as a reader, — speaking of which, you totally just finished the project I’m about to start, you read all of K.’s published works. Cool. I’m gonna be perusing your posts from that project…


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