Sun Kil Moon: Mark Kozelek’s War Machine

Was on a flight home from—well, it doesn’t matter
Eleven hours, a million thoughts were gathered
And my mind kept racing to my garden of lavender
I wanted to get to them so they wouldn’t die
When I got home, they were dry as weed
While the vines wrapped around them B-horror film green
I’m not sure what my lavender symbolized
But inside my heart cried

– Sun Kil Moon ‘Garden of Lavender’

As a fan coming late to the party I find myself shuffling past people on their way out the door of the Mark Kozelek fan club. Those who entered during Kozelek’s earlier years in Red House Painters express consistent and increasing dissatisfied with his work in Sun Kil Moon, most clearly seen in the reception of his summer 2015 release Universal Themes.

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